Scrase Farms started trading in 1987 when Jill Scrase and her two sons Nicholas and Jonathan purchased Lee Place and Northwood Farms to add to their existing holding Haybourne.

Over the years the whole farm has been turned over to hay production and we now produce 40,000+ small bales per year specifically for the equine market. Our own knowledge gained over the years, from owning children's ponies to racehorses, has left us well placed to know the forage needs of our customers.

We produce small hay bales (conventional size) for delivery throughout the South East. All our small bale hay is packed in 21 bale packs for ease of handling for us in the field and our customers on delivery.

All our hay is grown specifically for the horse market, is ragwort free with an emphasis on quality and consistency.

All our seeds hay is grown from selected mixes, predominantly rye grass. These leys are maintained for three years and then ploughed up and re-seeded to maintain quality and consistency. Seeds hay is suitable for all horses, particularly those in work, with a consistent analysis and higher protein and energy levels.

Our meadow hay is produced from long established leys with a large variety of grasses. Meadow hay is again suitable for all horses with a more interesting mix of grasses and lower protein and energy levels.

All our hay is made using the latest technology. Moisture is constantly monitored during baling with a moisture meter fitted to the baler. All the hay is immediately packed in 21 bale packs to ensure quick movement from the field and reduce the risk of any spoiling. The hay is stored in large barns and all hay is stored on pallets to allow movement of air.

All our hay is delivered on our own lorry or trailers and we cover most of the South East. For any advice on pack sizes, delivery or any other storage issues please do not hesitate to call the office on 01403 700 525 or mobiles 07789 888 011/012.

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Neltina at Aintree Jockey P. A. Carberry
​Trainer Mrs J. E. Scrase
Bale Baron Packer J. M. Scrase
9 bale pack haylage 63 bales at a time Brother Tedd wins A P McCoy's last race